Why Sweden?

I often get asked what my deal is when it comes to Sweden. In my Swedish language classes, I’m always the only one who doesn’t have a native partner. So what’s my fascination with Sweden?

409369_10150488555236786_1726688375_nAt our Dalarn cabin in 2011

When I was about 9 or 10, I dreamt that I was in a Sanrio store in Stockholm (you know, Hello Kitty and Keroppi and Badtz Maru). I did (and still do) love Sanrio, but I have no idea what prompted being in Stockholm for this dream. Growing up in Florida, Sweden seemed like the farthest away place in the world, a land of myth and legend. It seemed like the kind of place I’d never get to. It was a real dream world.

32572_397703361785_3473758_nGamla Stan, Stockholm

Now, 20 years and several trips to Sweden later, I find it still is a dream world. Politically, culturally, design-ally (uh, yeah, that’s a word), it’s everything I could want in a place. I love the music, I love seeing dads pushing strollers in the streets, I adore the language, I love so many Swedish brands, I love (most of) the cuisine, and I find the people friendly, engaging, and impressive. Simply put, it’s a place that I feel connected to. I have no familial bond to the country but it’s somewhere I feel completely at home.



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